What should you look for in a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company?

Professional Grade Equipment

Whichever company you choose should use suitable professional carpet cleaning equipment. We see other companies using rug doctors or Vax carpet cleaners. Our equipment is several times more powerful than these. This is vitally important to gain a true deep clean and to achieve good drying times of a few hours rather than days. We also use industrial speed drying air movers on every job we carry out.


Carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians should be trained and fully qualified for the work they carry out. Too many people buy a second hand machine and start up a carpet cleaning business overnight without doing even a basic training course. Our technicians are all cleansmart trained and certified.


Another important factor is insurance. Would you trust a tradesman to carry out works in your home without insurance? Then why would you trust an uninsured company to work on your expensive home furnishings? We are fully insured for every item we work on in customers homes as well as public liability. Contact us now to book in safe in the knowledge that we are covered should the worse happen!

Proven results

Make sure you choose a company who are readily visible online. You want to make sure they can do what they promise, this could be in the form of numerous reviews or pictures and videos of their work.

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